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It's the playoffs! 

The Warriors are up 2-0 against the New Orleans Pelicans, and the podcast is back to talk about the first two games in the series. Anthony Davis, Draymond Green and everything in between is discussed in the first segment. 

In our second and final segment, we welcome Amin Elhassan of ESPN to discuss any surprises in the series thus far, the futures of David Lee and Draymond Green as well as looking ahead to future rounds.

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The playoffs are upon us. 

With only one measly regular season game left, the WarriorsWorld crew wraps up the regular season, we give out our postseason awards and discuss which playoff path is the easiest for the team. 

In our second segment we talk with Ethan Sherwood Strauss of ESPN.com to discuss the evolution of the franchise, the importance (or lack thereof) of postseason awards and the changing atmosphere of Oracle Arena.

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Losses? Two in a row? What is this blasphemy? Yes, the Warriors were on a losing streak and the WarriorsWorld podcast is here to talk about it all. 

What's an episode of the podcast without some Harrison Barnes talk? He hit the game-winner against the Suns, but how much can he be depended on when the playoffs start? We also give our update on the MVP race and who the Warriors should want to play in the first round.

In our second segment we talk with Chris Trew of Bourbon Street Shots who was at the game in New Orleans and had a couple interesting interactions courtside with two Warriors players.

Finally, we announce what the crew has in store next week. 

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We've had a handful of solid road wins since our last show, but it's the win against the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night that takes precedence. In our first segment, we talk the Warriors win in Los Angeles and the best crossover we've ever seen. 

In our second segment we talk with Adam Lauridsen (@GSWFastBreak) to talk ankle breaking, the magnitude of the team's success, Harrison Barnes and more. 

Finally, we take a handful of calls from our followers.

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The podcast returns with another new episode and no losses to discuss! 

The Warriors are rolling and seemingly running through the league until the playoffs begin, and we talk about what the team should focus on the rest of the regular season. What is the ideal path to the NBA Finals? Do the Warriors still need Andrew Bogut? How close is the MVP race? We discuss all that and more. 

In our second segment we welcome one of our newest writers Ken Cheng to discuss being a Warriors fan in Los Angeles, his latest work and what a title would mean for Warriors fans worldwide. 

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With some recent lowly opponents now in the past, the Warriors are fully preparing for the playoffs. Resting players aside, the team has a difficult schedule coming up and we discuss everything on the podcast.

In our first segment we discuss Steve Kerr resting players, David Lee's role on the team and we look ahead to the first round of the playoffs. 

In our final segment we talk the injuries to Serge Ibaka and Klay Thompson as well as look ahead to the Atlanta Hawks and the upcoming schedule.

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Four games and four wins later, the WarriorsWorld podcast is back and ready to talk about them all. 

In our first segment we talk the wins, including everything that happened before, during and after the Clippers game on Sunday. With only 20 games left, we also talk the rest of the season and who the Warriors should want to play in the first round.

Finally, we recap the third annual WarriorsWorld tournament and detail the past, present and future of the #CurseofMek.

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The Warriors are done with their long road trip and so is the WarriorsWorld podcast. 

In our first segment we talk about the trip, highlighting the losses in Cleveland, the team's comeback win in Boston and the last second loss in Brooklyn. 

In our second segment, we talk the possibility of signing JaVale McGee and take some calls as well.

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Welcome back to another episode of the podcast, and with the All-Star break in the rearview mirror it's officially the stretch run of the season.

In our first segment we talk the deconstruction of the Spurs, why Rodney Stuckey killed the Warriors and the win in Washington. 

In our second and final segment we talk the upcoming schedule highlighted by the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

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The WarriorsWorld team is back from New York and ready to talk anything and everything that went down All-Star Weekend. 

In our first segment we talk all the events, Steph and Klay showing out on Saturday night, the dunk contest and the game on Sunday. 

In our second segment we preview the second half the season, talk trade deadline and give our predictions as to where the Warriors finish.

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