WarriorsWorld Podcast (general)

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

With excitment and hype for the team at an all-time high, we bring you the first of many episodes of the WarriorsWorld podcast for the 2013-14 season. 

In our season preview show, we first touch on the three-year extension for C Andrew Bogut. I say it was the right move at the right time, Sheed disagrees. Let the debate ensue. 

Next segment we give our winners of all the NBA hardware for this upcoming season: MVP, DPOY, COY, ROY and MIP. Also, we give our long awaited predictions for how the Warriors will finish this season and how far we have them going into the postseason. 

Lastly, we talk about our run-in with the Los Angeles Clippers during our trip to Las Vegas last weekend and why I will keep the Clippers slander to a minumum from here on out. 

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Welcome to another episode of the WarriorsWorld podcast! 

As the off-season winds down and the Warriors roster seemingly set, we take it to the phone lines and take multiple calls on everything Warriors. What were some of our callers favorite moments of the season? Who should be sixth man? The usual madness ensues. 

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What happens in Vegas...doesn't always stay in Vegas. 

We're back with another edition of the podcast as we recap the Warriors impressive play in Las Vegas Summer League. What can we take from their championship summer campaign? Can we take anything into the regular season? 

Next segment we take a couple calls from some frequent WarriorsWorld visitors. Madness quickly ensues. 

Finally, we run a complete play-by-play of our Las Vegas trip: gambling, food, clubs, everything. No one is safe. 

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Welcome to the official Summer League edition of the WarriorsWorld Podcast!

The team is here in Las Vegas to cover the Warriors as well as all the NBA action. No segments in this episode, just one hour of the most interesting summer league talk you'll ever hear! Alright, maybe a slight exaggeration but a fun podcast nonetheless as Frank Gomez and I talk Kent Bazemore, Draymond Green's offensive game and the prospects of Scott Machado. We finish up the show talking offseason moves, starting with Andre Iguadala.

It's been a fun offseason for the Warriors and fans alike, enjoy the show.

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The draft is here and the WarriorsWorld podcast continues in all of its off-season glory. 

Did you notice the lone Warriors fan in Miami during Game 7 of the Finals? Herman Mann, the man in the building that night sporting the Stephen Curry joins us to talk how he made it to Miami, why he got kicked out multiple times and the environment in Miami. 

In our second and final segment we welcome back Amin Elhassan to the show as we discuss Carl Landry opting out, Jarrett Jack's possible (probable?) return, free agency and some draft prospects. 

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Welcome back to another NBA Finals edition of the WarriorsWorld podcast! 

Sheed and myself talk the NBA Finals, Chris Bosh vs. David Lee, whether we think Jarret Jack will return, our San Jose State University and we take a couple calls from our Twitter followers. 

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Welcome back to another edition of the podcast! 

It's been a few weeks since our last episode, and a lot has happened in the wide realm of the NBA. 

We talk the NBA Finals, free agency, take a few calls, talk our favorite moments of the Warriors season and talk anything and everything that comes to our mind. 

It's a freestyle show and nobody is safe. 

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Another week of playoff action, another episode of the podcast! As the Spurs-Warriors series in full swing, we bring you three guests to get everyone ready for Game 3 and beyond.

In our first segment we welcome WarriorsWorld's own Jesse Taylor as he discusses everything Jarrett Jack from Game's 1 and 2. Jesse is doung a game-by-game analysis of Jack during the Spurs series. 

We then welcome in former Warriors center and fan favorite Adonal Foyle as he talks the SA-GSW series, Stephen Curry, his favorite memory of the 2007 season, the state of the center position in the NBA and more. 

Lastly we welcome lifelong Warriors fan and rapper Mistah FAB to the show talking the atmopshere at Oracle Arena, the development of this current Warriors team, his officiating in the WarriorsWorld tournament and whether he's changed his mind on the Monta Ellis-Andrew Bogut deal.

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Our biggest show of the year comes at the most important time of the season for our Golden State Warriors. Fresh off their incredible series victory at Oracle in Game 6, we talk everything Warriors with a multitude of guests. We hope you enjoy. 

In our first segment we welcome Ethan Sherwood Strauss of WarriorsWorld and ESPN.com. We talk David Lee's surprising comeback, the Warriors 4-out lineup and how effective it was against the Denver defense, Joe Lacob's epic turnaround and more. 

We next welcome ESPN.com's NBA writer Chris Palmer to talk Stephen Curry's swagger, Mark Jackson's coaching job, Andrew Bogut's importance these playoffs and much more. 

Next up is Bay Area News Group's Marcus Thompson talking the future of Jarrett Jack coming back, whether David Lee will play minutes next series and the scene at Oracle Arena.

Finally, we welcome Ed Maisonet of SLAM Magazine to the podcast as he talks his affinity for Stephen Curry and where he ranks in the NBA's pantheon of players, why he was rooting for the Nuggets on press row and how Oracle Arena compares to Chesapeake Energy Arena.

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It's the playoffs, the Warriors are up 3-1, Stephen Curry is on the rise, Andrew Bogut has arrived and another edition of the WarriorsWorld podcast is here. 

In our first segment we discuss everything Game 3/4: the environmen at Oracle Arena, team unity, Mark Jackson's lineups, Andrew Bogut, Jarrett Jack and more. 

CSN Bay Area and 95.7 The Game's Matt Steinmetz joins us in our next segment to talk his favorite player in the NBA Stephen Curry: how do you stop him? Can we say he's a superstar? Does he stil think he's not a PG and more. 

Finally, Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group to talk DEN-GSW: did last week's crowds match "We Believe"? Are the Warriors now a prime destination for free agents? Would the Warriors be where they are with David Lee healthy? 

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