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Welcome back to the newest episode the OklahomaWorld Podcast! 

Alright, this is obviously the WarriorsWorld Podcast, but this week we welcomed in Ed Maisonet of Slam Magazine and SB Nation to the studio to talk anything and everything that comes to mind. 

As a former resident of Oklahoma and loyal Thunder fan, we talk with Ed about Kevin Durant's recent hot streak, the struggles of Harrison Barnes, who should make the All-Star Game and a variety of other topics that may or may not pertain to sports. 

Enjoy the madness.

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Welcome to the 50th episode of the WarriorsWorld podcast!

We celebrate by taking nothing but calls as we first welcome Hollywood mogul and die-hard Warriors fan Mike McGuiness in our first segment. We talk our biggest concerns heading forward, Mark Jackson, Mike's epic trip to Miami and why he's not allowed in China. 

In our second and final segment we take multiple calls with topics ranging everywhere from Stephen Curry's turnovers, David Lee's resurgence and the importance of Festus Ezeli.

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We're back with another episode of the WarriorsWorld podcast talking everything Warriors-Heat and #FullSquad!

Stephen Curry's dominance, David Lee's outstanding play, LeBron's shoes and the Warriors bench are all discussed in the first segment. Warriors have added anther triumphant win in Miami to their resumé, and in similar exciting fashion. 

In our second and final segment we discuss the origin of the #FullSquad movement, which began after the Warriors victory last Friday night against the Phoenix Suns courtesy of David Lee and myself. Enjoy. 

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