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KD 2 Brooklyn with his Besties...

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NBA is a Reality Show...

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... We'e Back. 

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We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

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The WarriorsWorld podcast returns after a long hiatus to discuss the Warriors' continued dominance over the Cavs, the LightYears pod being divas and we apologize to Kevon Looney.

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Andy is back from Asia... Unfortunately that means another pod... Sorry

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We've sent Andy to South Korea... Please don't ask any questions why. Enjoy.

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The podcast is back and so is the NBA season!

No shortage of topics today, highlighted by the Warriors' situation with Trump, Melo to the Thunder and Media Day.

Jared Dudley joins the show to talk all of it!

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They prohibited the use of Trump on the Intro... womp womp womp

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Benedict Sam and Andy turn their back on #WarriorsTwitter... Sleeping with the Enemy. We Riot.

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Your inaugural #WarriorsTwitter Awards!

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Andy and Sam break down why they voted for Trump.

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Kyrie has requested a trade. How...perfect! We discuss the circus in Cleveland.

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The Cavs are in shambles. It's a beautiful day!

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The podcast returns talking #NBAAwards, some suspect voting and free agency.

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Hopefully the last time we'll ever hear these guys!

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How the Warriors built a 2-0 lead...

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The Warriors are up 2-0...

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Live recording of our Dunk Contest panel from this past Saturday. Ben Golliver (SI), Andy Lui and Sam Esfandiari are guests.

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NBA Finals preview edition. We're re-joined by resident Warriors hater and Lakers-Cowboys-Mariners fan @CoachMaples55.

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Andy. Sam. NBA Finals. God Bless America.

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Ray Ratto joined the WarriorsWorld podcast. Is he drunk? Stay tuned.

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Andy. Sam. Episode 14. Thanks for not suing them.

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Sam Esfandiari and Adam Lauridsen join the guys to review the Utah series and look ahead to who may come next.

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And all that Jazz.

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Andy and Sam talk about why the Jazz will sweep the Warriors and how Steph is overrated.

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Dorell Wright joins Andy Liu and Bonta Hill to talk NBA Life, the media, playoffs and more.

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We apologize in advance.

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Previewing the opening round of the playoffs.

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Andy and Sam return for another amazingly bad show... Enjoy!

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The WarriorsWorld podcast is back! The Warriors are rolling again with a certain Mr. Durant is nearing his return.

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Sam. Andy. Again. We're sorry.

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Somehow, this podcast is still on.

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The boys are back to talk Warriors basketball...we think.

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The roller coaster of emotions on KD.

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The podcast returns from the All-Star break talking all things NOLA and looking ahead to the closing stretch.

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Listen at your own risk.

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The WarriorsWorld podcast returns, this time to talk about the busy week ahead for the Warriors. KD returns to OKC, Grizzlies rematch and more.

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The #LightYearsPodcast is back and this time joined by someone who knows what they're talking about: Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group. Enjoy!

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The MVP is back and finding his 2-time form as Steph Curry has the Warriors rolling. We talk about it all on the latest edition of the WarriorsWorld podcast.

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Who keeps giving these guys a show? Sam and Andy are back, unfortunately
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We tried getting these guys off the air, but we failed. Sam and Andy are back talking Warriors. Apologies in advance.

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The whole crew is back for an important episode of the WarriorsWorld podcast. We talk the Warriors destruction of the Cavs on MLK Day, pick it our favorite terrible tweets and touch on the strange arena groundbreaking in San Francisco.

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Sam and Andy are still alive, and for that we're thankful...or are we? Here's another episode of the Light Years podcast.

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Sam and Andy are back...we don't know why or how...listen at your own risk.

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The WarriorsWorld podcast is back and recaps a busy 2016 along with discussing the Steph Curry conundrum currently facing the team.


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Debut episode of the #LightYearsPodcast with Sam Esfandiari & Andy Liu.

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The WarriorsWorld podcast has returned, and oh do we have stuff to talk about.

We talk the hiatus, 2OT loss to the Rockets and how the #CurseofMek found its way to Steph.

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The Warriors are 0-1...time to blow it up?

We talk the underwhelming opening night game vs. the Spurs and take a look at the upcoming schedule.

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Episode 150! Our season preview is finally here!

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The WarriorsWorld podcast returns as the season inches closer! We're joined by assistant GM Kirk Lacob live from Warriors HQ to discuss the ups and downs of the offseason, some guy named Kevin and expectations going into next year.

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The NBA schedule is released, and the podcast is back to talk about all 82.


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Oh, Draymond...

We also discuss the upcoming Olympics and the training camp invite to JaVale McGee.

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Kevin Durant is officially a Golden State Warrior. Still surreal, huh?

Fresh off the introductory press conference, we talk everything about KD's first day in the Bay. 

In our next segment, we welcome in Bay Area born, Warriors fan and No. 1 pick of the L.A. Rams Jared Goff to the show. We talk Durant, the city of Los Angeles and much more.

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The podcast returns to discuss the Warriors' selections of Damian Jones and Pat McCaw in the draft, as well as looking ahead to free agency.

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Game 7 talk with Adam Lauridsen & Nick Swinmurn. We also open the phone lines and let Warriors fans vent.

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Game 7. It's all on the line. Will the Warriors come out on top? We discuss.

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So, it won't be a sweep. The Finals roll on as the Warriors drop Game 3 in embarrassing fashion. Are we worried? We discuss the rest of the series, Steph's struggles and more with a resident Lakers fan. We also take a couple calls.

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The NBA Finals have begun, but when will the Cavs start playing? It's 2-0, and the Warriors have dominated in every facet of the series so far. Is a sweep coming? Can LeBron will his team to a victory? Callers and the podcast discuss.

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It's the NBA Finals, and the Warriors let their presence known immediately with a win in Game 1. The Splash Brothers were cold, but the bench picked up the slack in a total team effort. The podcast returns to talk all of Game 1 and if the series is already over.

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The Warriors are headed to the NBA Finals. Shocked? Relieved? Unbelievable? Yes. The podcast returns to talk Game 6 + 7 and the rematch with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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The podcast returns and in desperate times. We take some calls and hear from our followers to discuss the Warriors' 3-1 series deficit to the Thunder.

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Thunder-Warriors is in full swing and the series is now tied 1-1 after some Stephen Curry heroics and a dominant team effort in Game 2. Wizards forward Jared Dudley joins the show to talk the series and his pending free agency. Then, Mistah F.A.B. calls in to give his thoughts on the playoffs.

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The podcast is back...and so is Stephen Curry. The MVP's return resulted in one of his best performances of his career, and we talk about all of it.

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Warriors minority owner Nick Swinmurn joins the WarriorsWorld podcast to talk ownership, fandom and stories from courtside.

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The WarriorsWorld podcast returns to talk the second round, Steph's injury and what's happening around the league.

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It's the playoffs!

The Warriors are up 2-0 against the Houston Rockets, but Stephen Curry's injury is what's on everyone's mind. Should he sit the rest of the series? Why don't the Warriors get any respect with postseason awards? Why did Josh Smith make so many threes?

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Welcome back to the 73-9 edition of the WarriorsWorld podcast!

We welcome in Andy Lui of GSOM as well as Bonta Hill of KNBR to discuss the historic, unbelievable and downright arrogant season the Warriors have completed. We also look ahead to the first round of the playoffs against Houston.

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72! The regular season is practically over, but not before the Warriors set their sights on history. At 72-9 and 73 on the horizon, we welcome Adam Lauridsen and Ethan Sherwood Strauss to discuss the incredible season, the playoff picture and end of year awards.

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The Warriors' regular season is nearing an end and the podcast is back to talk about how the incredible season Dr.Joey Salgado of Professional Motion Physical Therapy to talk injuries throughout the league, the Celtics' surprising win at Oracle and what's in store come the playoffs.


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The record is nearly here as the Warriors' regular season is wrapping up quickly. The podcast is back to discuss what to play for the rest of the way, Andrew Bogut's comments on Harrison Barnes and some retaliation on Matt Steinmetz.

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Matt Steinmetz joins the podcast to talk the recent slew of games including the Warriors' loss in San Antonio and a missing podcast host.

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Brookfield's own Dame Lillard played back in his hometown of Oakland, and unfortunately for him he had to take the loss at the hands of the Warriors. 

This week we recap the 4th annual WarriorsWorld Hoop Tournament and talk the Warriors' thrashing of Portland, Steve Kerr vs. Dame and Andre Iguodala's injury.

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The podcast returns to talk about...a loss? 

In our first segment we discuss another win over Oklahoma City as well as the rough Sunday matinee in Los Angeles. Should the team chase the record? What's the status of Harrison Barnes? Are we worried about Draymond Green's shooting?

In our second segment we bring back the greatness that's known as the Slander Session.

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Best regular season game ever? The Warriors' win in Oklahoma City on Saturday was one for the history books, and the WarriorsWorld podcast is ready to talk about everything that went down.

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All-Star Weekend is over, but that doesn't mean we can't talk all about it on the latest episode of the podcast. The WarriorsWorld team was in Toronto for all the festivities, and we talk everything that went down that week. 

The best slam dunk contest ever, Klay Thompson winning the three-point contest and Drake showing love -- along with everything in between -- were all discussed. A so it go.

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The Philadelphia 76ers made it a game, one that required a Harrison Barnes shot in the final seconds. How big was that for Harrison? We talk about that and the ever-growing rumors surrounding Kevin Durant and his possible future with the Warriors.

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San Antonio who?

The biggest game of the season ended up being a blowout, and we break down the historic matchup to begin the show. Steph vs. Kawhi, LaMarcus Aldridge vs. Dray and HB's absence are all discussed.

The segment moves on and we accept calls to discuss the game, as well as answer a variety of trivia questions for free merchandise. Hilarity ensues.

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The highly anticipated matchup between the Warriors and Cavs didn't go quite as we thought, as Golden State handed LeBron James the worst loss of his professional career. We start the show talking about the game with BlackSportsOnline founder and Editor-in-Chief Robert Littal. We also discuss the perceived arrogance the Warriors now possess, the imminent threat of the Spurs and more.

In our second segment, we dive into what the blowout loss means for the Cavs moving forward and the night now known as "No More Parties in Campbell."

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At 36-2, the Warriors continue to roll at a record pace and the WarriorsWorld podcast is back to talk about it all. 

Did Hassan Whiteside duck the Draymond Green fade? Do we agree with Luke Walton's decision to rest Green and possibly Stephen Curry? How was HB looked since his return?

We talk about all that and more!

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The season rolls on, the All-Star break inches closer and closer and the Warriors sit at an incredible 29-1. The team is hobbling lately, and we talk about the ramifications of such injuries as the team goes forward.

What did the Christmas win vs. Cavs mean for the squad? When we do we expect Harrison Barnes back? Is Steph Curry at risk of missing significant time?

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The WarriorsWorld podcast is back and even though a couple of members are missing, the show is still jam packed.

We preview the highly anticipated Christmas matchup between the Cavaliers and Warriors and recap this past week's games with Bonta Hill of KNBR and Sam Esfandiari.

Have a Happy Holidays, Warriors fans!

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The Warriors' incredible winning streak is over as they took a loss at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night. The run was incredible, and we talk about our favorite moments from the streak along with looking ahead at possible decisions in the future (72-10?).

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The podcasts are coming in hot and heavy as the unbelievable winning streak continues. The Warriors sit at 23-0 after their 131-123 win in Indiana, and we welcome in Adam Lauridsen (@GSWFastBreak) to break it down. 

Finally, we welcome in the one and only @LILBTHEBASEDGOD to talk some basketball, the infamous curse and he blesses the world with another freestyle.

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Another episode, another week of wins.

In another undefeated episode of the podcast, we're joined by 95.7 The Game's Matt Steinmetz to talk everything Warriors, the national perception of the team and we compare some old Golden State teams to this one.

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Another episode and another week without having to discuss a loss. We can get used to this. 

In our first segment we discuss the return of Brandon Rush, Luke Walton and all the happenings -- both before and after -- the win in Utah.

We then welcome in Sports Illustrated's Ben Golliver to talk the historical greatness of the Warriors, the disappointing Western Conference and how you beat Golden State in a series.

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Another week means another slew of wins for the Warriors.

The Warriors are still undefeated, and the podcast welcomes a few guests to the show to talk the historic run. Chris Palmer of Bleacher Report and Danny Leroux of WarriorsWorld/RealGM come on the show to discuss everything Dubs and the NBA at large. We also welcome in a resident Lakers fan to celebrate the epic demise of the franchise.

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The WarriorsWorld podcast is back and ready to talk some more wins. The Warriors have yet to lose this season, and we talk about their most recent outings including the close call at Oracle against Brooklyn. 

We also discuss the center position, KD to the Bay and look ahead to the rest of the week. We finish up the episode talking to @jerseychaser and a man who dropped the hottest "Back to Back" remix on the internet.

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The season is upon us and the Warriors are picking off right where they left off last season. 

4-0, 50-point wins and Steph Curry looking like the best player on the planet. In our lone segment, we discuss the impressive start, how good this team can be and try and nitpick anything we can about this team.

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They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

The Warriors tipped off their 2015-16 campaign by getting some big rings, raising a banner and by beating the New Orleans Pelicans. We discuss the game, Oracle Arena's reaction to the ceremony and the drama surrounding Harrison Barnes.

In our final segment, we give some predictions for both conferences and postseason awards.

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Basketball is back!

It's only preseason, but the Warriors got their 2015-16 campaign started in San Jose on Monday night against the Toronto Raptors. 

We talk the first preseason game, some comments from James Harden, Ty Lawson and Doc Rivers as well as take some calls.

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The season is almost upon us and we can barely wait any longer.

We open the show discussing Harrison Barnes and his desire for a new deal. He reportedly declined a $64 million offer from the Warriors recently, and we discuss how much further the Warriors should go in their pursuit (if at all).

We take some calls from follows and also welcome in Warriors training camp invitee Jarell Eddie, who hopes to become the third shooting threat the team has been looking for.

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Welcome back to the WarriorsWorld Podcast as we near the end of the summer and closer to Golden State Warriors basketball. 

With just about one month left until training camp, we welcome in color commentator Jim Barnett to discuss the scene from Cleveland when the team took home the title, tbe progression of Stephen Curry, his golf outing with Don Nelson in Maui and much more.

Direct download: WW_091015.mp3
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The summer is winding down and the season is inching closer and closer. With that in mind, we welcome Marcus Thompson on the podcast to talk his offseason, his favorite moves during the summer, the future of Harrison Barnes and more.

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Welcome back to another summer edition of the WarriorsWorld podcast! The summer is winding down, and we're counting down the days until the start of training camp. 

In our first segment we talk about the preseason schedule, our event coming up on August 29th and why Asian Box is always necessary.

In our second segment we welcome in Jacques Slade to talk all things sneakers. We ask Jacques about the success of the #CurryOne, the recent surge of young debut shoes and how many shoes he has in his closet. 

Direct download: WW_081915.mp3
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The WarriorsWorld podcast is back from a short hiatus and talking the just released NBA schedule!

In our first segment, we break down our favorite matchups on the schedule, the Finals rematch on Christmas Day as well as the return of David Lee.

In our next segment we talk with mental strength coach Graham Betchart who discusses with us some of his techniques, his work with NBA clients and common problems young players experience.

Finally, we welcome in Marreese Speights, who talks his hectic offseason, their toughest playoff opponent and more.

Direct download: WW_081315.mp3
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The podcast is back after a few week hiatus to talk free agency and some trades, specifically the departure of David Lee.

In our first segment, we remember the David Lee era with some memories, what it means for the team and his fit in Boston. We also discuss the free agency frenzy throughout the league. 

In our final segment, we talk the return of Mo Speights and look ahead to summer league.

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