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The record is nearly here as the Warriors' regular season is wrapping up quickly. The podcast is back to discuss what to play for the rest of the way, Andrew Bogut's comments on Harrison Barnes and some retaliation on Matt Steinmetz.

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Matt Steinmetz joins the podcast to talk the recent slew of games including the Warriors' loss in San Antonio and a missing podcast host.

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Brookfield's own Dame Lillard played back in his hometown of Oakland, and unfortunately for him he had to take the loss at the hands of the Warriors. 

This week we recap the 4th annual WarriorsWorld Hoop Tournament and talk the Warriors' thrashing of Portland, Steve Kerr vs. Dame and Andre Iguodala's injury.

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The podcast returns to talk about...a loss? 

In our first segment we discuss another win over Oklahoma City as well as the rough Sunday matinee in Los Angeles. Should the team chase the record? What's the status of Harrison Barnes? Are we worried about Draymond Green's shooting?

In our second segment we bring back the greatness that's known as the Slander Session.

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Best regular season game ever? The Warriors' win in Oklahoma City on Saturday was one for the history books, and the WarriorsWorld podcast is ready to talk about everything that went down.

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