WarriorsWorld Podcast

It's almost time. 

The season is almost upon us, and as Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson wrap up their Gold medal campaign in Spain, the WarriorsWorld team can't wait to get things in motion. But first, we talk about FIBA, the Splash Brothers' performance and what we can take away from the summer.

We're joined by a longtime supporter of the site and talk recent transactions as well as give our "Boof of the Week" awards. We finish up the show by announcing a special event.

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Welcome back to another off-season edition of the WarriorsWorld podcast!

In our first segment we finally close the Kevin Love fiasco as we move forward with Klay Thompson and the return of the #FullSquad. Are the Warriors still better than last season?

In our second segment we take a call and drift away from the court as we talk, shall we say, other off-season NBA interests. 

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Another week, another episode of the WarriorsWorld podcast!

In our first segment, we discuss the Warriors 2014-15 schedule and breakdown our favorite matchups, sneaky good games and our initial predictions for the season.

In our second segment, we welcome in Clippers swingman Jared Dudley who talks about his offseason, Steve Ballmer, how the Clippers gameplanned for Stephen Curry and why the Warriors should've traded for Kevin Love.

Finally, we talk Drake's mention of Steph on "0 to 100" and why the Splash Brothers' participation in Team USA is necessary.

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We're back after a slight hiatus to discuss all the happenings of the Warriors' offseason so far. 

In our first segment, we talk about the signing of Shaun Livingston and the return of Brandon Rush. Also, where do we have the team ranked in the gauntlet that is the Western Conference?

Finally, we take a few calls on the Kevin Love trade talks.

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Rumors, rumors, rumors amount as we record another episode of the WarriorsWorld podcast!

In our first segment we talk about the proposed Klay Thompson for Kevin Love deal, what that means for Stephen Curry and the possible moves that follow (HINT: LEBRON JAMES).

In our second segment we welcome in Oakland's own Kiwi Gardner, who just finished his first season with the Santa Cruz Warriors. We talk life in Santa Cruz, his first season in the D-League and whether he thinks the Warriors should make the Thompson-Love deal. 

Finally, we welcome in some callers from all over the globe -- Greece and Australia! -- to the podcast to discuss the possible moves. 

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The offseason continues with another edition of the WarriorsWorld podcast!

Another day, another Mark Jackson story as we discuss the newest leaked story reported by SFBay that the former coach didn't allow gays in his locker room. Why are these stories still being leaked? How much longer before we completely move on? Can Steve Kerr avoid all the off-court drama?

In our second and final segment we talk the future of Klay Thompson and whether he deserves an extension or if the team should trade him now while they still can.

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New coach, time for a new episode of the WarriorsWorld podcast!

In our first segment, we discuss Steve Kerr's opening press conference, why Stan Van Gundy might not have been the best choice after all and look forward to the offseason.

In our second segment we welcome in Ray Ratto of CSNBayArea.com and talk the departure of Mark Jackson, Kerr's arrival, Kevin Love and offers me some advice.

Finally, we take a few calls and give our thoughts on what the team should do this offseason.

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Welcome back for an offseason edition of the WarriorsWorld podcast! 

The season is over, but the news never stops as the Warriors have hired Steve Kerr as their next head coach. Before we touch on Kerr, we discuss the end of the Mark Jackson era and finalize his tenure with the team.

In our second segment we take some calls and welcome in Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group to end the show. 

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Welcome back to a special weekend edition of the WarriorsWorld Podcast!

In our first segment, we talk about the mess regarding Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and how we think it will affect not only this series, but the entire league. 

In our final segment, we actually talk basketball and talk about the final possession of Game 3, Blake Griffin's dominance and what the Warriors need to do to get themselves back in this series.

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Playoffs baby! We're back and ready for another edition of the podcast talking everything Warriors-Clippers.

In our first segment we welcome in Adam Lauridsen (@GSWFastBreak) in to talk Mark Jackson, his x-factors, the rise of Stephen Curry and how the Warriors can steal this series. 

In our second segment we reminisce on the regular season and give our favorite wins of the season, whether this season was a disappointment and give out some end of the year hardware. 

Finally, we talk everything Warriors-Clippers and give our predictions for the series. 

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